Family Shoot


Planning for your family photo session

Just Have Fun! If it’s working, roll with it and remember to not try to force the session on Children. If kids aren’t playing well, plan another day. Most photographers will help you feel at ease and should be open to rescheduling (although a little costly to reschedule) the pictures will say a thousand words…. good words or bad words…

  • Schedule around nap times keeping in mind the the best lighting is early or late in the day!
  • Keep Smiling!!!
  • Stay calm and let the kids be kids!
  • Become unplugged… Turn off the phones and the apps. Of course, if the kids need the games or can used as an incentive, perfect. The parents should embrace the family time and become part of the moment. (Kids pick up on that)
  • Dress similar but never identical.
  • Hugs, Kisses and Snuggles.
  • Find a location that’s familiar OR try somewhere new, but not overly exciting to distract kids.
  • Keep Smiling!!!
  • Greet your photographer like Family (Ohana)… kids pick up on “stranger danger” and are more willing to participate if their parents are relaxed and comfortable with the photographer.
  • Remember to bring the “emergency” bag of necessities. (Diapers, wipes, snacks, drinks, toys, etc)
  • Bring a blanket, nothing loud or with patterns.
  • Stay focused on the kids; if a pose isn’t working, move on!
  • Take 5 minute breaks with some play time and let your photographer play and shoot during this time for candid shots. Some of the most amazing photos come from the candid side of the day Versus the posed side.
  • Keep Smiling!!!