Things To Do

Want to get out of the Casinos? Need a break from the sites, sounds, smoke and lights?

Here are just a few of our favorite places to get away and share with family and friends when they visit.

Grapevine Canyon – Indian Petroglyphs & Christmas Tree Pass (20 minute travel time)

Visitors come to this canyon in the Nevada desert to view its Indian petroglyphs, some of the first known to man. Truly an amazing site, many of the etchings go 40 to 50 feet below the sand level and are hundreds of years old. A few of the more common ones have been translated but the rest remain a mystery. (Following is from a post on TripAdvisor) You do need to travel a dirt road right off the highway in order to get there but it’s not too bad, a little bit bumpy but not bad! The petroglyphs are not far after the descriptions sign but you will have to walk on a gravel path. The petroglyphs on the right you can get pretty close to without climbing up the rocks and there is a path. The petroglyphs on the left you will have to climb to get a close look at. We wanted to get as close to the top of the area as possible and it was difficult I thought for 2 reasons, one the gravel path on the rocks is hard to grip and two there wasn’t a clear path to follow. But we did make it to the top of a rock formation and we were rewarded with a great view of the area!

DIRECTIONS: Take NV-163 West from South Casino Drive and travel 6 miles and turn right on the road to Christmas Tree Pass (road sign clearly marked) and follow to the left. <map>

Oatman Ghost Town – Old Route 66 (45 minute travel time)

You’ll feel like a time traveler as you explore the Oatman Ghost Town – a thriving gold mining town, up until the early 1940s.  Enjoy a tour of an authentic gold mine, witness a gunslingers show on main street, browse the old-timey shops, and even see where Hollywood legends Clark Gable and Carole Lombard spent their wedding night. This is a real Wild West experience and fun for all ages AND, wild burros that roam the streets and the shops… That’s right, the burros have the right of way and it’s not uncommon to have a burro push you out of the way while you’re shopping!

DIRECTIONS: Take NV-163 East across the bridge from South Casino Drive. Once over the river the road changes to Bullhead Parkway. Continue on Bullhead Parkway for 10 miles and turn left on Highway 95 (Mohave Valley Highway). Travel about 6 miles and turn left on Boundary Cone Road. You’ll find Oatman up the road in 7 miles! <map>

The London Bridge – Lake Havasu (90 minute travel time)

Yes, the original London Bridge… In 1968, an American tycoon bought London Bridge—all 10,000 tons of it—and moved it brick-by-brick to the desert town of Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

DIRECTIONS: From Laughlin, take Bruce Woodbury Drive from South Casino Drive West and turn left on Needles Hwy. Follow Needles Highway to Interstate 40 (Towards Kingman). Take Interstate 40 East to AZ-95 South to Lake Havasu. Once in Lake Havasu City look for road signs for visitor parking at the London Bridge Village Center. <map>

Hoover Dam – Hoover Dam Power Plant (90 minute travel time)

Hoover Dam is a 700-hundred-foot-tall, concrete arch-gravity dam and is a modern marvel of the world, begging to be explored by anyone traveling in the region. Tours are available at both the power plant and the dam itself (Hoover Dam Tours are NOT RECOMENDED for anyone who suffers from claustrophobia or has a pacemaker or defibrillator. Tours are conducted in confined spaces and in a power plant with generators emitting electromagnetic fields).

DIRECTIONS: From Laughlin take NV-163 West from South Casino Drive to US-95 Junction (20 miles). Turn right (North) and travel to Interstate 11 (54 miles) then go East 11 miles and follow signs to NV-172 Hoover Dam access road. <map>